Catawba County Retired School Personnel
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CCRSP  2014-18 officers
President--Sandra Hatley
Vice President--Marilyn Futrelle
Secretary--Suzanne Eller
Treasurer--Jenny Propst

CCRSP meets at the Golden Corral the 2nd Wednesday of the month. We eat a buffet lunch at 11:00 am and at noon begin the meeting.
December 13
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Elizabeth Amick, Marilyn Futrelle, Sandra Hatley, Linda Kaneer, Suzanne Eller, Ginger Sermons, Carol Warren, Jenny Propst
President Joan Bass presents Platinum award to Sandra Hatley for Catawba County RSP's work.
2017 CCRSP Delegates
Marilyn Futrelle was one of the out going Regional Directors recognized for their service.  They were an important part of our organization's transition to Regions.
     Scholarships are awarded each year to deserving high school graduates, going into the field of education, by Catawba County Retired School Personnel. (CCRSP) Money was donated years ago by Mrs. Mary D. Murray, establishing the Mary Murray Scholarship Fund.
     CCRSP this year awarded a total of $10,000 in scholarships to deserving students: Lauren Ayele Marie Folie, Challenger HS graduate, attending NC A&T, renewable next year; Arlene Rangel-Lemus, St. Stephens HS graduate, attending UNC-Asheville, renewable next 3 years. Also one year scholarships, for the 2017-2018 school year, were awarded to: Morgan Butler, Maiden HS graduate, attending ASU; Courtney McCall, Bandys HS graduate, attending Lenoir Rhyne University; MaKayla Slate, Bunker Hill HS graduate, attending LRU; and Ashley Craft, Hickory HS graduate, attending UNC-Chapel Hill. In addition to these awards, renewable scholarships will be given to past recipients for the coming year. These students are: Hannah A. Caldwell attending LRU; Alexis Hand, attending Wingate University; and Ally R. Hennington, attending ASU. 
     The Catawba County Retired School Personnel feel very fortunate that they are able to help students going into the field of education. In the future, CCRSP hopes to help deserving people, who are already in education, to further their goals.

  The majority party in the U.S. Congress is pondering a tax code bill that would cut corporate taxes from 35% to 20% while threatening programs that benefit retirees. Ironically, the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act would add an estimated $1.5 trillion (that’s trillion with a “t”) to the national debt over the next ten years—the sort of move that conservative ideologues have denounced for years. Now they seem to support a deficit. House and Senate committees are discussing the bill this week, and final votes may be taken as early as this week or next.

  Though it is falsely billed as a tax cut for all, businesses will receive the lion’s share of the tax cuts—about $1 trillion or two-thirds of the total—according to the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation. Depending on whether you look at the House or Senate versions, the measure could gut the Affordable Care Act, take away deductions for house payments, for college tuition, for medical expenses and for local tax payments. That’s NOT a middle class tax cut, and it is not good news for retirees! Critics worry that, in addition to boosting the national debt, the measure will open the gate to nearly $500 million in cuts to social programs like Medicare, Medicaid and even Social Security. After all, where else can the government make up the loss of a $1.5 trillion in revenue to pay for tax cuts that benefit corporations and the ultra-wealthy? 

  Don’t wait! Call the switchboard at the U.S. Congress and ask to speak to Senator

Richard Burr or to Senator Thom Tillis and to your U.S. Representative. The number, which is not toll-free, is (202) 224-3121. Be patient if you get a recorded message. Follow the instructions to leave a message. Your message should be short and simple, something like:

   “I am [your name], a constituent from [your town.] I am a retiree and I want you to vote against the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act! This act will hurt me and many others I care about. I will be very angry and disappointed if you vote for it! Good-bye.” 

  Flood Washington with calls! For the price of two or three short calls, you can help protect your retirement security!

Tom Bennett
Executive Director, NCRSP